Remember we'd be up all night talking 'til the morning light,
Like the way it used to be those simple days Just you and me

I tell ya baby I know What's on your mind
Cuz you look like you've got something to say
I may not say those words anymore, But maybe it just ain't my way..

You ask me do I love you but..
Do you remember Why I walked on water for you
Do you remember My first steps on the moon
Have you ever wondered why I gave three wishes to you
You asked a question but the answer lies in you

Remember we used to laugh and say
No one understood our way And there were times
When you would cry and come knocking On my door
I was there to shelter your pain

I feel you baby so
Get that off your mind we can make it to
A brighter day I may not say those words anymore
But maybe I can make it my way

love ya~