A day at home

Afta da exam cam biasa la.. stay at home and rest myself.. but 1 thing blom sattle is.. "my room besepah" da lma xservice bibik da resign akibat excident thantuk lalat (FLY) so I take over her work..Get up around 6.30 morning then go to da toilet prepare myself to jogging.. hahaha the health important!! afta back from da jogging I go to da swimming pool to swimming la.. my friend aD wit his fwen waiting for me over there coz today he taken M.c couse sakit katanya.. "sakit but still nk swimming" apa tu i dun't know the mean?? nk bg reason pon smua xmsuk akal wutever..!!

9.30am ~malaysia

Back to da story.. afta breakfast I pon start la kemas2 my room.. amik t-sert2 yg kotor then put in da basket agak banyak juge coz 1 week xbasuh.. i dun't have enought time to do this coz time tu prepare my assgnmt + exam week + reality programs huhu bnyak oWww..

10.30am ~Malaysia

Sambil dgr lagu I pon kemas la..from A to Z so tired, kena sweep + mop + wipe dust .. rest jap then
INILA HASILNYA.. mcm nk sleep jew pas tu.. hahaha!!

2.00pm ~Malaysia
bear ini namanya finji kazoma Mc'Fleran


miss u jemmy