TAGGED by Yana And Masz

fuhH.. penat nk ciapkn tag nE xabis2! you can see all is tagged in this blog! xde memenda lain..yeah that y i think im popular, popular kaH? tepuk dada tanya otak..Jgn sakit hati SUDEH! ok la lets check it-up ada ape dgn sye.

1) Do you think you are HOT?
OOooo.. what can i say yup3 absolutely HOt and CooL.

2) Upload you fa
vorite PIC
~ Its hard to choose which one. I love all of them.

One of them. This pic last 2007 i think and totally natural.

3) Why do u like that PIC?
~Why? plz refer up there. thnx you

4) When was the last time you eat PIZZA?
~erm.. 2 week ago may be.

5) The last song you LISTEN to?
~Alone by Celine Dion
she's my mum fav. singer and awesome!

6)What are you DOING right now beside this?
~my body rest, my finger taiping, my ear listening music and my eye watching..

7) What NAME you prefer beside yours?
I don't know may be,

..Lexcus Lycan

8) Who is E
~I think u all know, who him to me right.

9) Masz is having relationship with?
~with someOne long2 time ago, she single right now or may be taken already .. Long time no see miss her so much.

Say something about boi
~He always send TAG to me and I think he have r/ship with someOne yg i kenal sapakah dia nnt I TERJAH

11)How about Yana?
~She is One of them my BFF. she gets all kinds of nick name such as rexona, pinky2 blushing, exzos and blah..blah..blah (byk sgt xterkira dgn jari jemari) She d best! miss you girl.

12) And Lexcus Lycan
~ my fav. things he is my Everything and make my life wonderful..wonderful..

~Happily never after
...Ryan lar'costa...


Fieyt Cliffe said…
da pandai tag team dgn abg nas
main terjah² yer
tak takot pun