Madagascar 2

Madagascar.. Madagascar.. Madagascar all about this movie!
erm.. but whatever the most important i've watching this movie 1st day cita ne kuar! hehe u are late guys.. mmg bestla
"i like d move2 it". To mybro im sory coz didn't tell u bout this. Ne smua scara xsengaja! Back to d story, very funny and yea, relationship among animals but yg aku heran tuu.. smua yg tgok tdiri drpd golongan dewasa! aii cita cartun layan gak kew? "tu yg best rakyat Malaysia very d sporting well done guys..

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For those who are don't know, Madagascar or Malagasy is an Island nation int the india ocean off the off the southeastern coast of Africa. The main island also called Madagascar, is the fourth largest island in the world and is home to 5% of the world plant and animals species of with more than 80% are endemic to Madagascar. They include the lemur infra order of primates the carnivorous fossa three bird families and six baobab species.